Motion → light turns on

Motion → light turns on

Use SAVER with a motion sensor to program Smart Saver app so that the hall light turns on and off automatically.

To do this, connect the floor lamp or any other lighting device to SAVER and program the app to turn it on at nighttime when the motion sensor is triggered, and to turn off one minute later.

Go to the “Scenes” menu and tap “+”.

Select the “Motion sensor” condition and set a scene execution time span (for example, from 23:00 to 06:00) and select the days of the week for repeat. Tap “OK”.

Next, tap “Add device”, select the SAVER smart plug the floor lamp is connected to, and select “Switch on” in the pop-up menu. Tap “Add interval” and set 1 minute. Then tap “Add device” – “Switch off”.

Name the scene and enable the message pushing option if necessary. Tap “OK” – the scene can now be found on the “Scenes” screen.

In the same way, you can control an IR- or RF-controlled chandelier (you’ll need an IR or RF plug-in for that).

Make sure the floor lamp switch is in the “ON” position. You will no longer have to feel for the switch in the dark.