t < 5oC → heater turns on

t < 5oC → heater turns on

Is it warm enough in your cottage, garage, or any other unheated room in winter? This is a crucial question, as the freezing of the water distribution system may force you into expensive repair work. To find out the answer, use SAVER together with the environmental plug-in.

If you need to keep the temperature above zero, supply the heater through SAVER and create a scene in Smart Saver mobile app. How do you do that?

Tap “+” in the “Scenes” menu

Select the “Environmental plug-in” – “Temperature” condition in the window that appears and set the condition Т < 5оC.

Next, tap “Add device”, select SAVER smart plug (the one the heater is connected to), and select “Turn on” in the pop-up menu.

The scene is almost ready, you only need to name it and enable the message pushing option to get notifications when it’s executed. Tap “OK” – the scene can now be found on the “Scenes” screen.

In the same way, create another scenario for turning SAVER off when T > 10оC.

Now you can check the heater condition and the indoor temperature from anywhere around the world as long as you are connected to a local Wi-Fi network. When the scene is executed, a message will be pushed to your smartphone, if you have enabled this option.