8:00 → floor lamp turns on

8:00 → floor lamp turns on

Want to make your waking more comfortable and smooth? Have the floor lamp turned on together with the alarm clock in winter.

To do this, go to the “Scenes” menu in Smart Saver app and tap “+”.

Select the “Scheduled task” condition in the window that appears, set the task execution time and select the days of the week for repeat. Tap “OK”.

Next, tap “Add device” and select SAVER smart plug (the one that the floor lamp is connected to), and select “Turn on” in the menu that appears.

Enter the scene name, for example, “Alarm clock”. Tap “OK” – the scene can now be found on the “Scenes” screen.

Make sure the floor lamp switch is in the “ON” position. With this scene, you can now wake up faster without the risk of falling asleep again and missing an important meeting.