23:00 → thermo pot turns off

23:00 → thermo pot turns off

If you use a thermo pot, you surely know what it is like to find it on in the morning and realize that it has been heating the water all night long. All this time, the electricity meter has been spinning, counting the kilowatt-hours, while the device itself could have overheated without enough water in it.

What can you do to save energy when operating this appliance?

Simply connect the thermo pot to your SAVER smart plug and create a scene in Smart Saver app to have it turned off automatically when it’s not used.

Go to the “Scenes” menu and tap “+”.

Select the “Scheduled task” condition in the window that appears, set the turn-off time (for example, 23:00) and select the days of the week for repeat. Tap “OK”.

Next, tap “Add device”, select the SAVER smart plug the thermo pot is connected to, and select “Switch off” in the pop-up menu.

Name the scene and tap “OK” – the scene can now be found on the “Scenes” screen.