user`s manual

1. App installation

Scan the QR code with the camera of your mobile device or download the app from Google Play or Apple Store (search for “Smart Saver”). Register in the app.

2. SAVER smart plug

To turn on/off the appliance connected to SAVER, click on the power button.

Press and hold for 5 seconds to restore default settings.

3. Indication

The indicator is glowing red
The device connected to SAVER is powered on
The indicator is off
The device connected to SAVER is powered off
The indicator is glowing blue
SAVER has just been connected to the mains (wait for about 15 seconds)
The indicator is slowly flashing
SAVER is waiting to be configured (see Connecting to the Wi-Fi network)

Restoring default settings
If the indicator is not flashing during configuration, or reconfiguration is required, press and hold the switch button for about 5 seconds to restore the default settings and wait for 30 seconds until the indicator starts flashing slowly.

4. SAVER features

Mains voltage and power consumption measuring
30-day voltage statistics graphs
Remote switching of appliances via a mobile app
Protection of appliances: automatic power cutoff in the case of overvoltage or overload
Wi-Fi coverage expansion
Energy supply on/off on timer or schedule
Creating scenes for controlling your home using plug-ins

5. Connecting to the Wi-Fi network

Connect SAVER to the mains: the indicator will light up and stay on, glowing blue; wait for 30 seconds
When the indicator starts flashing slowly, it means that the device has been activated and is ready for configuration
Connect to your Wi-Fi network on your mobile device
Open Smart Saver app
Tap the “+” button
Make sure that the indicator is slowly flashing and tap the “next” button
Enter the Wi-Fi network password and tap the “v” button to start configuration
The indicator will start flashing rapidly and then go out, indicating that the device has been configured successfully

6. App guide

Tap the icon to go to the SAVER or plug-in control screen
Touch and hold the SAVER icon to switch the connected device on/off
Icon delete/move mode
Smart-home scene creation and control
Account settings, user preferences saving and loading
Drag the screen downwards to refresh

7. Plug-in activation guide

Open Smart Saver app on your mobile device

Insert the plug-in into the corresponding USB port

The plug-in icon will appear on the home screen within 10 seconds


Plug-ins with a black USB plug must be connected to the black USB p ort. Plug-ins with a white USB plug must be connected to the white USB port.

8. SAVER plug-in features

9. Scene creation


Tap the “+” button on the scene screen

Select a scene execution condition

Add the device to respond (SAVER or remote controls for appliances)

To delay scene execution, add a time interval

To remove a scene, swipe it to the left

To edit a scene, touch and hold it


Product parameters

Product name
SAVER smart plug
Product dimensions
57х71,5х92 mm
100~260 V 50/60 Hz
Max current
10 A
Max power
2200 W
Wi-Fi standard
Wi-Fi enhancement
18 dBm
Housing protection
IP 00 (polycarbonate)
Ambient temperature
5 – 40°С

Warranty and technical support

If you require any further assistance with SAVER, please visit or contact us in the following ways:

+7 495 517 75 81

Smartsaver Support


Service center:
56/40 Sevastopolsky Avenue, Moscow, Russia

Assembled in China


Exceeding the 10A current or 2200W power threshold can cause short circuit and even fire.

For detailed device information, please visit

The product is covered by warranty for 1 year from the purchase date. For detailed information about the warranty terms, please visit