SAVER smart plug
SAVER smart plug is designed for remote control and protection of electrical appliances, mains voltage measurement, Wi-Fi signal enhancing. Monitoring and control are performed through the app for iOS and Android mobile devices. SAVER’s functionality can be extended with optional plug-ins to operate various electrical appliances, monitor indoor temperature, humidity, and illumination, as well as receive notifications from the door and motion sensors.
IR plug-in
The IR plug-in replaces multiple IR remote controls. You can program SAVER by mapping IR remote controls for TV, audio, air conditioner, and other appliances to your smartphone. When SAVER and the IR plug-in are within the range of those appliances, you can operate them from your mobile device. For example, you can schedule them to switch on/off together with the alarm clock or when other SAVER plug-ins are triggered.
RF plug-in
The RF plug-in replaces RF remote controls for electric curtains, remote-controlled chandeliers, range hoods, garage doors, and other RF-controlled appliances. You can use SAVER to control household appliances by mapping RF remote controls to your smartphone and locating it within their range.
Door sensor
The door sensor is installed on a door and communicates with your SAVER smart plug via the RF plug-in. When triggered by the door opening, it sends a notification to your mobile device. You will always know what’s going on in your home.
Environmental plug-in
The environmental plug-in allows you to control the temperature, humidity, and illumination in your home to make it a cozy and comfortable place from anywhere around the world.
Motion sensor
The motion sensor allows you to monitor the room perimeter. Once motion is detected, your SAVER will push a notification to the associated mobile device. With its help, you will always know if there is any motion in your home.
Набор "Умный дом"
"Smart home" set
The "Smart Home" set allows you to control the household appliances via the IR or RF plug-in, monitor the temperature, humidity, and illumination level in your home, and receive messages from the door sensor. The smart plug is designed for remote turning on/off and overvoltage protection of the appliances, mains voltage measurement, and Wi-Fi signal enhancement. The monitoring and control are performed via Smart Saver app for iOS and Android smartphones.